Monthly Archives: January 2014

Why 56N?

I find myself increasingly drawn to, fascinated by, linked into all matters originating in the northern latitudes of our beautiful planet. It doesn’t seem to be uncommon to feel drawn to the north either because it is home by birth and upbringing or for some more intangible reason. Here, in the Scottish Islands, there is a strong sense of homecoming whether for a family occasion, a tracing of family or, often, to retire back to one’s roots. For me it was a long term longing. When working in London in the late eighties I would find myself wishing it was King’s Cross Railway station and the Edinburgh train I was heading for each night rather than my westbound one from Paddington. I moved to Skye in 1996.

This blog is for thinking aloud about that sense of North and I put no other limits on subject matter than that 56N latitude.